November was a slow month for me.  I started a whole lot of books.  I didn’t finish many. I would just wander off and then be like, “Wasn’t I reading a book about the Vatican bank?” They weren’t bad books. I was just distracted.

Overall I read 12 books.  That surprises me.  It is only that high because I went on a roll on my Thanksgiving break and read 3 books.

  • 2 were audio
  • They were set in Spain, Greece, Libya, Pakistan, fantasy China, California (2), and other fantasy worlds.
  • 6 were written by men – That almost never happens that I read more books by male authors than women.
  • 2 books were by a black woman, 1 was by a black man, 1 was by a Pakistani woman, and everyone else was white.
  • The Aeronaut’s Windlass was my favorite!

So why wasn’t I getting my reading time in?  I did NaNoWriMo!  In case you don’t know that is a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in November.  I wasn’t going to do it but I’ve had some characters in my head for a while so I decided on November 1 when my Twitter feed started blowing up with NaNoWriMo posts to try it.  I had no idea where my story was going.  I may still not know where it is going.



I was surprised by how easy it was to write on those days where I knew what I wanted to say.  I spent a lot of time this month considering what was going to happen the next day.  That confused my husband a lot.  He thought if I was writing the story that I should know what was going to happen. Silly boy.

I stayed really close to the daily word count.  I didn’t get far ahead like other people.  I’ll finished up on November 29.  It would need a lot more work to whip it into a polished, submitable story.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.  I may let the story percolate for a little more now that I have a rough draft and then see what comes to mind.

This month I participated in two challenges.




I only managed to post one Sci-Fi post but I did all the Nonfiction November group discussions.

I also announced that I was taking over Foodies Read for 2016.


The sign up post is here.

How was your November?