I love an infomercial. Since I don’t have TV at home I don’t get to see them often. When I was at acupuncture class I got caught up.

I saw one for this hair stuff called Wen. It promised super hydration for my hair. That caught my attention because I have straw hair. I’m always looking for the magic cure. I dye my hair and the best it ever feels is right after I use the superconditioner that comes with the dye.

This stuff is amazing. I used it once and I saw a huge difference in my hair. I couldn’t stop touching it. The SO said I was being freaky because I kept stroking my hair but he agreed that it was really soft.

I dyed my hair yesterday and used the superconditioner instead of the Wen and today my hair feels dry. Usually this was as good as it got and now after two uses of the new stuff I’m spoiled!  It is also supposed to keep your dye from fading. We’ll see. I dye my hair auburn and in a week it always fades out to blondish. If it keeps my hair auburn I’ll declare it a miracle cure!