I had arranged to have a guy with a dump truck get a big load of sawdust and bring it to my house. This saves me the trouble of going to get it in my short bed pickup and having to shovel it out into the arena where it waits until it is needed for bedding in the stalls. Great idea, right?

I gave the guy explicit instructions about where to dump the sawdust. Since I gathered that he wasn’t paying close attention I even called and left a voicemail message about where to dump the sawdust. In case that wasn’t clear I added that I left the shovel that we use for the sawdust leaning against the wall in the exact spot we wanted the sawdust dumped.

I came home yesterday and found a dumptruck load of sawdust in my arena but most definately not where I wanted it. He couldn’t have made a bigger obstacle to riding in that arena if he had dumped it in the middle. Actually if he had dumped it in the middle I could have ridden around it. But no, he dumped it in the middle of the long side of the arena. The other long side has a drainage problem so it is wet and you have to ride down the center right now. With the sawdust on the other side, you about have room to ride a straight line down the center.

I was planning on renting a front end loader to move my compost around. I guess I can use that to move this huge pile of sawdust to the out of the way corner where it is supposed to live.