The horses are now happily munching in their new and improved old pasture. I spent the morning finishing up the wires. Then I went and disconnected the solar fence charger from the front pasture and moved it to the back. During the transfer I was saying to myself, “Don’t forget to shut the gate or the fence won’t work.” I was very proud of myself for remembering this. I set it all up and turned it on with the fence tester and … nothing. No charge. I pondered this for a while and then went and shut the gate. It worked fine after that.

(That’s almost as stupid as yesterday. I pulled into work and spent a minute looking for my cell phone on the car seat beside me. I was getting really worried that I lost my phone until I realized that I was talking on it.)

Then it was time to move the horses. When they come in from the pasture they both get their halters on. Spirit gets his leadrope thrown over his neck. I open the gate and Spirit goes out and grazes on the lawn grass. I lead Prize to the barn and then go back for Spirit. Spirit won’t run off (usually). Prize would go exploring the neighborhood if I let her be loose.

So today we did the same thing except I led Prize to the pasture on the other side of the barn. I explained that the pasture was now half the size that she remembered it so I would appreciate it if she didn’t run through the fence. Then I let her go. She trotted around while I shut the gate and headed back for Spirit. All of a sudden he appeared around the barn in a confused rage. He must have glimpsed Prize. Why was she getting to be in the new pasture? He went charging towards the gate as I was yelling, “Fence, Spirit, fence!” He stopped and started prancing up and down the fence line. I finally just stood by the gate with my arms crossed until he huffily came over to me so I could let him in the gate. I gave him the same smaller pasture speech and then he took off into the field.

As soon as the neighbor horse in the adjoining pasture realizes they are back, there will be a joyous reunion. Prize was looking for her. I told her to call her and she’d come running but Prize never calls for her. She just stares into the pasture until Nugget appears. Nugget’s pasture is big and contains some barns. If she’s on the other side of the barns she wouldn’t know my horses are out unless they call for her.