I was reading the anti-feminism sites again tonight. They do amuse me. Here’s my favorite for today.

4 legacies of feminism

Here is the part where my jaw dropped.

The second awful legacy of feminism has been the belief among women that they can and should postpone marriage until they develop their careers – and that only then should they seriously consider looking for a husband. Thus, the decade or more during which women have the best chance to attract men is spent being preoccupied with developing a career. Again, I cite women callers to my radio show over the past 20 years who have sadly looked back at what they now, at age 40, regard as 20 wasted years. Sure, these frequently bright and talented women have a fine career. But most women are not programed to prefer a great career to a great man and a family. They feel they were sold a bill of goods at college and by the media.

Emphasis mine. I met the SO when I was 35. That’s apparently at least 5 years past my sell by date! It is truly a miracle that he even looked at me let alone decided to have anything to do with me. I thanked him repeatedly for taking pity on an old hag like me. He asked why on earth anyone would want to talk to a 20 year old. Maybe that’s his problem. Doesn’t he know that women are for procreating not for conversation?

And the fourth awful legacy of feminism has been the de-masculinization of men. For all of higher civilization’s recorded history, becoming a man was defined overwhelmingly as taking responsibility for a family. That notion – indeed the notion of masculinity itself – is regarded by feminism as the worst of sins: patriarchy.

Men need a role, or they become, as the title of George Gilder’s classic book on single men describes them, “Naked Nomads.” In little more than a generation, feminism has obliterated roles. If you wonder why so many men choose not to get married, the answer lies in large part in the contemporary devaluation of the husband and of the father – of men as men, in other words. Most men want to be honored in some way – as a husband, a father, a provider, as an accomplished something; they don’t want merely to be “equal partners” with a wife.

This seriously pissed him off. The idea that he was less than a real man because he values me as an equal partner made him crazy. I believe there was subconscious bicep flexing. LOL.

I, for one, am glad that there are men in the world who aren’t scared of real women with ideas of their own.