Last night I was mindlessly watching TV when I saw a segment on the Chocolate show in NYC. When they said it was open to the public I started to hyperventilate. I started immediately making plans and calling all my female relatives to plan a roadtrip.

For a fee you get entrance into 40,000 square feet of exhibit space crammed with vendors all giving out free samples of their chocolate. 40,000 square feet of chocolate. I was hyperventilating. One lady interviewed said she brought 9000 brownie samples. That’s just one booth! That’s my idea of Heaven.

As I explained it to my mother we will have to fast for 2 weeks prior to going. We may need to purge at the end of each row so we can keep eating samples. My SIL is diabetic and has a pump so we’ll need lessons on how to work it if we take her in case she collapses in a sugar induced coma and we need to get her some emergency insulin.

My mother actually suggested going to a play too but I told her that we will be laying in our room in agony at night so that probably won’t be a good idea. I can’t wait!

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  1. LOL Wow…. That certainly DOES sound like heaven/utopia/nirvana or whatever else one may want to term it. If you go, you simply MUST take pictures to share!!!!! Please?!?!? 😉

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