Now I know that my sewing room has been non-functional for way too long. Today at lunch I just had to go pet some fabric. It was an overwhelming urge. I haven’t sewn anything since construction started the first week of November. I’m surprised that my hands aren’t starting to shake from the withdrawal. I didn’t even buy anything. My breathing calmed as soon as I stepped in the fabric store.

Lately I’ve been having an urge to sew clothes. This is not good. I think that the problem is that I never like anything I make after I finish it. This goes for the quilts too. That’s why I give them all away. I can’t stand to look at them anymore after all that work. That’s how I feel about the clothes too. I also don’t do well when I have to be absolutely precise. I can fake a lot in quilts but clothes actually have to fit.

There is also the lingering memory of my poor husband having to get a pin surgically removed from his big toe after a dress-making episode. Never wore that dress either.

I’ve never been totally thrilled by the fabric I can find locally for clothes making. So, I have another tab open searching for online clothing fabric stores. It’s a sickness.