I had the chance to talk with my mother about the sexism in her church again. The woman is entirely unflappable on this issue.

She admits freely that it is stupid. She agrees with the points I make. She just doesn’t see this as something to get upset about because they are going to change it. She doesn’t seem to grasp my point that this should not even be an issue in a modern church. She just keeps saying that that’s why they are changing it.

She did say that when they were in informational classes about the church before applying for membership that a woman in the class asked about women in leadership positions. A pastor told her that women weren’t allowed to be in leadership because of Paul’s idea that women are not allowed to teach men. Apparently he didn’t clear that one with the senior pastor because he is the one that gave the sermon about it being ok for women to be in leadership. But the woman who asked the question didn’t join the church. I said, “Good for her!” My mother agreed.