Excerpt of an actual conversation between the non-horsey husband and me yesterday:

Him: Blah, blah, blah, computer programming stuff, blah, blah,.. they say it is like reinventing the wheel to make your own proprietary program but I say it is like taking a wooden wheel and adding rubber.
Me: But only wooden wheels are legal.
Him: This isn’t carriage driving.

At that point I quit looking out the car window and stared at him open mouthed. “Very good!” I add with respect and awe.

“I pay attention,” he adds exasperated and then started rattling on about programming again.

He had to have gotten that piece of knowledge from a conversation my mom and I had at Morab Nationals about driving Prize and how I would need to get another cart if I ever got serious about it. Sometimes he amazes me. I mean, he even knew the correct term was “carriage driving.” Wow!

Of course he still can’t commit my work schedule to memory. Some things are even beyond miracles.