The rest of my hibernating weekend went well but contained much more activity than I had anticipated. Saturday we managed to lounge around until about 11 when the SO had a burst of industriousness and decided that we should drive a far bit away in pursuit of trash bags and a gift for a person he hates (long story that I still don’t fully understand). I pointed out that both could be had in our town but he lulled me with visions of the dollar theater. It wasn’t until I was in the car that he started mentioning additional Christmas shopping which made me grumpy. Dear me, I do hate the trappings of the season. Turned me downright evil.

We went and saw a cheap movie and then contemplated going to see another. What sloth! Two movies in a theater in one day. Of course it helped that they were $1.50 each. But then we went shopping for the person he hates (I thought he should give a donation in her name to charities we like but she’d despise. That increased my Christmas spirit but he wouldn’t do it.) By then we had dinner and decided that we were too lazy to go see the second movie. Yep, too lazy to sit on our butts in a dark room. That takes talent.

Sunday consisted of more laying around which annoyed Ozzie to no end since he still had his sheet over his cage at 11:00. Then I went to the library and grocery shopping and to visit Prize. I even spent some time on the treadmill each day so I can’t count it as entirely lazy. But it was a nice and relaxing weekend.