I have decided that this is a good weekend for hibernation. We are kidless, we don’t have anything scheduled, and it is snowing. Yep, hibernation.

We started with pizza delivery. There are some benefits to moving back to civilization! I took a moment to feel sorry for the pizza guy who is not hibernating but I got over it and tipped extra. Then we watched DVD number 2 of Backstairs at the White House. This is a miniseries from the 70s about a lady who worked as a maid at the White House. It covers Taft through Eisenhower.

The SO and I are dorks history buffs so whenever a new president shows up in the movie we rattle off whatever facts we can remember that we think will impress the other person with our brilliance. So when Wilson showed up with both shouted out, “First wife dies, he gets married, he has a stroke, second wife runs White House.” The facts are known. Therefore, I can be forgiven for laughing uncontrollably when the SO actually gasped in surprise when Wilson collapses from his stroke. His only defense was that he was into the story and forgot the facts. Sorry, not good enough. Let the mocking continue.

Tomorrow I plan more hibernation. I have a quilt (possibly two) to get done for Christmas. I’m on a schedule. Other than going to see Prize and buying a lamp I’m staying home. Of course the SO wants help with some Christmas shopping and we should go to the library for more books and movies for proper hibernation….