Home again

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Miss Prize finally agreed to honor us with her presence again. I picked her up yesterday. Spirit had been pretty mopey for the last week or so but I figured he’d never admit that he missed her once she came home. But I didn’t figure on the kind of weird reaction he’s having.

When I was walking her to the barn from the trailer past his window he was nickering and happy. When she walked into the barn he got all puffed up and started screaming at her and kicking. She totally ignored him. Then I put them out briefly. They pretended to ignore each other. He was looking at her out of the corner of his eye with a look like he really wanted to ask where she’s been but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. When they both came to the gate to come inside he started screaming at her again. They were standing face to face about 2 feet apart and I was standing between them. When the screaming started I ducked under the fence because I was sure that they were going to start fighting and I was going to get smushed. But through all the yelling, there was no kicking. Spirit’s body language was calm and relaxed while he was screaming his head off. Prize was ignoring him. In fact the only true interaction they had was then they looked at each other and decided that I was acting crazy for standing on the other side of the fence instead on taking them inside.

I don’t know what this is all about. I’ve never heard Spirit make noises like the ones he’s making when he gets face to face with Prize now. They obviously aren’t fazing her because she’s giving him the cold shoulder. Hopefully, they’ll work it out and be back to nomal (for them) soon.