In the last few months the husband has become more health aware, stopped watching Fox News cold turkey, started to state some slightly more liberal opinions, and expressed an interest in paganism. Now he has even started blogging. He is turning into me! He finds this alarming but I can’t possibly think of anything better to be turning into.

He told me this when he told me about the blog. He started after he found out that some of his employees blog. So when the only blogger he knew was his wife – the love of his life and his devoted companion – blogging was something only freaks did. When some of his employees do it, it is a perfectly socially acceptable and enjoyable way to express yourself.

I’ve taught him the joy of anonymity too. I’m not allowed to read his blog or know the address. This has lasted for a while too. He’s not good at keeping secrets. He tells me that he blogs about all his marriage difficulties. I told him that he doesn’t have any marriage difficulties so he better find another topic. He used to think that I only wrote about him until he had to help fix my site after I crashed it. Then he realized that I do talk about much more than him. I don’t know if he took that as a good thing or a bad thing.

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