Yesterday the husband and I bought a swing for the backyard. It is a 3 person swing according to the box but I think of it as only holding one person who is laying down and reading a book.

I love laying down on swings. My parents had a porch swing that I spent all summer on. My grandma’s dog Smokey loved to swing too. He could only get on the swing if a human was already there holding it still. I taught him to jump up on it. This came back to haunt me because I would often to be laying on the swing minding my own business when I would see a grey and black blur flying through the air a microsecond before 50 pounds of Norwegian Elkhound landed smack on my solar plexus.

I went out and made myself a comfy bed on the swing this morning. It was just around 70 degrees. It was silent except for bird songs. There was a grey blur out of the corner of my eye as Riley discovered the swing. He was in paroxyms of joy when he figured out that he could lay on a human and prevent her from seeing her book and be outside all at the same time! Luckily, he has a really short attention span even for joy and moved off to find something else to play with. Snowball eyed the swing warily because it wasn’t there before. She let me pet her while I was swinging but showed no interest in trying it out herself.

My peony is finally blooming. It is a weird plant. It is a fairly good sized plant but it only produces two blooms each year. They are always in the same place. They are near the bottom of the plant so you really have to look for them. I decided to cut one this year so I can enjoy it inside instead of having to remember to go looking for it at the bottom of the plant.


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