The Cleveland Museum of Art is next door to the Natural History Museum. We have a problem with art museums. We do ok looking at old stuff. When you get to the Renaissance though I get bored. The husband loves it. (I tend to fill my time pointing out pictures of blonde haired blue eyed Jesus). We come together at the Impressionists and then I love modern art. He wanders around the modern galleries talking loudly about how if he could paint it then it isn’t art until I want to punch him.

This is his kind of museum. The permanent displays are antiquities through 1800 – 1900s. The special exhibit was 1920s art. The museum is free but you have to pay to go into the special exhibit. It was $15 a piece. I thought that was way too high but he wanted to go. He asked if they had a veteran’s discount and we got in for free! Yay for him being useful! But then, the cashier said that since he had our backs (in the Army) that they would treat him right. He pushed up his sleeve to show off a nasty scar and said, “I’m glad this came in handy.” The cashiers fluttered at his display of manliness while I tried not to gag.

We walked away and I said, “You are going to burn in Hell.”
Him: “What? It is a handy scar.”
Me: “Someone will be along for you with a handbasket shortly.”

You see, the nasty scar on his arm did occur while he was in the Army. His conversation implied that he got it saving our freedom. He actually got it in a botched surgery to remove a bone tumor. He has combat scars but they aren’t nearly as impressive or as easy to show to fluttery ladies at check in counters.


This was my favorite from the 1920s exhibit. Overall, I was bored by it and he loved it. Typical.

500 AD Curtin

I stopped to get this shot and he questioned my choice. I pointed out that it is a pony made out of fabric and so obviously I had to take its picture. It is part of a curtain from 500 AD.

Just for that I took this picture too.


There is also a Museum of Contemporary Art but I’m going to go back without him so I can enjoy it.