Horse psychology

The husband is getting really good with the horses. Usually he wants me to be with him when he takes them in or out of the barn. He thinks that if they know I’m there then they’ll behave better. Saturday he was out mowing the yard. When he came in I asked if he wanted to go get the horses in now. He smiled and said that they were already inside. Imagine a toddler showing you that she tied her shoes for the first time all by herself to get an idea.

Then on Sunday I went out with him to see the horses when he brought them in. He led Prize in and Spirit stayed outside to graze. When Prize was settled he went and called Spirit and Spirit came in. Spirit doesn’t do that for me. I go out and stand beside him and we walk in together. I don’t lead him – I accompany him. I mentioned that he doesn’t usually do that for me. The husband said that Spirit wants to come in by himself. I was floored. It is totally true that he does but for the husband to have a psychological insight into one of my horses is astounding. His previous comments about their mental states was usually along the lines of “stupid horse.”


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