My morning started out with Spirit laying down in his stall when I went to the barn. Spirit laying down = Spirit sick. But he jumped right up and ate an apple so I figured he was ok. I turned them out and he wasn’t acting right. Finally he laid down again in the pasture. So I went and got him and checked him all out. He was a little colicky so I brought him inside. Prize of course had to come too because Spirit might be getting preferential treatment that she’d miss if she stayed outside. On the way back to the barn he decided to eat some fresh new lawn grass so I let him do that. Then I put Prize away in her stall while I worked with him. That was preferential treatment of Spirit and she got mad and was bucking in her stall. She knocked a board out of the back of her stall in her temper tantrum. So I had that to fix while fixing Spirit.

It took a few hours after he got his pain medicine but he seems to be feeling fine now. They are back out in the pasture together and grazing. In the middle of working on him, my sewing group came over.

I made a mock-up of a sidesaddle apron. I’ve loaned my saddle out so I’m not sure if I made it right. There is lots of fabric that drapes around me and doesn’t look at all right unless you have your legs arranged in proper sidesaddle position. I hate making clothes. I’m not exact enough. In quilting if it isn’t quite right you make it work and it adds to the design. In making clothes if it isn’t quite right you end up exposing your nether regions to passing strangers.

After that I grabbed a bunch of blocks from a swap and sewed them randomly together. (See, none of this planning and following patterns like in clothes sewing.)


I think I’ll add a border to make it a bit bigger then it will be a good children’s charity quilt.