We saw a lot of houses today. We put an offer on one. It doesn’t have everything we want but it was the most functional of the ones we saw and it is in a good neighborhood. We put in a low offer since there is a lot of cosmetic work to do so we may not get it. The owners were not afraid of color, let’s put it that way.

The living room

Living room

Half of the kitchen


The very small backyard


The very red basement!

Red basement

The pink and purple master bedroom

Pink master

The blue and green bedroom


The WTF? bedroom

Pretty colors

The blue bathroom

Blue bathroom

This is all cosmetic and we are champion carpet puller-uppers! It may scare off other people who aren’t so used to renovations. This was the only house we saw with multiple full baths. It had the best kitchen even though I’ve already put my foot down and said that I won’t move in until a dishwasher is installed. It had the only attached garage that we saw. It has all new windows. We could make this house work.