I woke up this morning with a peeping tom looking through my bedroom window. It was one of the neighbors’ cows. They have the worst fence in the world. The cows pretty much walk through it at will. Today there was a group of about 6 out for a stroll.

Luckily the barn was all closed up. The cows have been known to go in and trash the place. today though the bravest cow was sticking her head into Rosie’s open window and bellowing really loud. If she was loud enough she could get a bit of an echo. Rosie would nuzzle her. That’s a great improvement from when she first got here. She was terrified by her first sighting of a cow. She ran around the pasture in a total panic. She was an embarrassment to generations of working Quarter Horses.

Then the cows did something I’ve never seen before. They leftmy yard and crossed the street. I figured that was bad so I went after them. (On foot – no time to saddle Prize, the brave cow horse). By the time I got there they were heading down the neighbor’s driveway. One had her head stuck in the garbage can. The neighbors’ dogs were going nuts. I think it was the dogs that finally made the cows run back to the safety of my house. All except for the brave cow. She stayed. I drove the others back down my driveway. She stayed at the other house for a while and then came running. The others all gathered around her. It reminded me of a kid staying in a scary spot longer than any of her friends before getting scared and then telling them all about how brave she was.