I love Doctor Who but I hadn’t been able to get the husband interested. He had seen parts of a few episodes when I was watching but wasn’t hooked. (How is that even possible?) He knows I’m a huge David Tennant fan girl. He even watched some of Torchwood.

I knew he would like it if I could get him to watch. I’d made a Supernatural fan out of him. This was going to take strategy.

doctor who, tardis

I told him I was going to rewatch from the 9th doctor on before I go to the Doctor Who Experience in May. The pilot Just Happened to be on when he came home in time for dinner one day. He watched with me. Another time I Just Happened to be starting an episode when it was time for dinner again. He muttered but I said I just wanted to watch the one and then we could watch whatever he wanted. I didn’t tell him it was a two parter. I handed him the remote and he chose to watch part two.

The next morning the first words out of his mouth were, “I hate you.” He was starting to care about what happened next. Then a few days later came the difficult conversation.

“Nothing happens to Rose, right?”
Mind whirling trying to figure out what to say. “Um, you know she’s not on the show any more, right?”
“That’s because she went home.” I looked at him. “SHE DOESN’T DIE, RIGHT? Is she locked in a cage somewhere?  DO THEY KILL HER?”
“She doesn’t die but the first rule of Doctor Who is that something horrible always happens to the companions.”
“So the guy who didn’t get to go in the TARDIS was lucky?”

When we watched the episode where Rose meets her father I saw him wipe away a tear but didn’t mention it. At the end he yelled, “Why is this show so sad!!??”

As we approached the end of the first series when the Doctor was going to regenerate, he started stalling. He went to the cigar store two days in a row. I called him out on stalling and he did not deny it. Eventually he gathered up his courage for his first Doctor change.

It only took him a day of recovery to start moving on to the next episodes. He’s hooked now. He says he still hates me though. In the meantime I’ve started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I think he’s going to like it….