There are times when my mother just makes my head spin around. Yesterday in the course of conversation I said that I was considering homeschooling. I was feeling testy. That’s the only reason to bring up homeschooling around my parents. Silence from her. I said that I’d be good at it. She said that I would only teach the kid what I was interested in. (My mother tends to have a fairly low opinion of me.) She said that the kid would have a good foundation in science. Then she asked, “Will you teach her english?”

That stunned me. I mentioned that I did speak English. She said yes but would I teach her to read and write?

Let’s step back and consider the facts about me. I read at least 4 books a week. I write here but she doesn’t know that. In all my years of education I don’t believe I ever got lower than an A in any english class. I am a stickler for spoken grammar and the husband and both of my parents have frequently used me as a proofreader because I can scan an article and pick out all the spelling errors and grammatical errors.

So, I won’t teach a kid anything I don’t like and she thinks that means I won’t teach her to read and write? I swear that the aliens have come sometime in the last 10 years and taken the woman I grew up with and replaced her with this person. This person has no earthy clue what I’m like.


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