Today I went to a PowWow. It was ok. I always get the same feelings at this type of festival no matter if it is a local ice cream festival, craft fair, or anything. There is a bunch of tents that all have the same cheap stuff. The difference at this one was the amount of dead animals lying around. Turtle shells, fox teeth, buffalo teeth, coyote faces, etc. The thought kept coming into my head, “I think they were probably still using those when you decided to take them.” It was sad to see racks and racks of skins of animals killed for..well, I’m not sure what the average person would use them for. Don’t even try to tell me that it is culturally significant because 99% of the people there were white. There were even blond haired, blue eyed dancers and a red headed freckled girl dancer.

But they did have some interesting dancers.


They also had some really good South American Indian musicians who played guitars and flutes at the same time. I also bought a nice silver and blue necklace.

I came home and was all ready to tick this off on my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. It was going to be “Go to a local festival.” Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find it on the list. I know it was on a previous version. I was so proud to have actually accomplished something. Guess I’m going to have to memorize the list better.