I’ve been reading a few books that I’m going to DNF for different reasons and it makes me sad.

This book is so good. The problem is that it is so sad that I can’t finish it. Maybe I was just in a sensitive mood. It was talking about a fascinating wild bird that works with Hadza hunters in Africa to find bee hives. The bird leads the hunter to the hive and then the hunter shares the honey. They set up the partnership through a distinct series of whistles between bird and people. As the Hadza don’t forage as much, the author described birds calling for humans and humans not answering and I almost cried.

That led into a story about wild yams in Australia that were decimated when sheep came and I just couldn’t take it. I had to stop. But this is a really good book and you should read it when you are mentally and emotionally strong.

I love Sariah Wilson. I was so excited when her new book was a Kindle First Reads selection. But the main character in this book is so stupid that I can’t even finish this. She is supposed to be a chemist so she isn’t supposed to be stupid but OMG. She is convinced that she is in love with a guy that she has never even talked to more than in passing. She will not be convinced otherwise. SHE DOES NOT KNOW THIS MAN AND SHE THINKS IT IS TRUE LOVE. She is ignoring all sense and all indications that this is not true. The point of the story is going to be her discovering that she loves someone else but I just can’t get there. It is making me want to throw my iPad. I absolutely recommend reading this author – but just not this book.
(I did end up finishing this out of pure stubbornness. The banter between the characters was good but the whole premise was so frustrating.)