I have not just been an exercise slacker. I’ve been a cooking slacker too. I’ve been eating things where the directions consist of open package, pour in bowl, add water, microwave, stir.

Of course I have excuses for this. I’m blaming my kitchen for being uninspiring. It is tiny. There is inadequate counter space. Sure, we just renovated but that was cosmetic not functional. There is no freezer space to make things ahead and freeze them. I’ve learned to balance a cutting board over the sink to be able to cut anything. The burners on the stove only work sometimes. I’m not physically able to open the dishwasher. I have to get the SO to do it.

Are you tired of the excuses yet? Me too.

I signed up to get several running/ healthy eating blogs on my rss feeder. Some of them take pictures of all meals and snacks. I decided that instead of thinking of them as potentially anal-retentive health nuts I should use them as inspiration. There were some good ideas on a lot of them for simple meals with real ingredients. I went shopping this morning since I hadn’t been cooking and therefore didn’t own any real ingredients.

The first recipe I made was Eat, Live, Run’s meatless sloppy joes. It was good. It was quick. I have leftovers in my fridge that I resolve to eat before they get icky.