I haven’t been running much since ..(mumble, mumble).. I ran on Sunday with Freckles. The plan was to run again today. I woke up this morning with a sore back and my shin splints were acting up. I was downstairs browsing blogs and explaining to Freckles why we weren’t going running today. Then I came across a blog aptly entitled, Shut Up and Run. Crap.

So I did. We walked to warm up and then we ran for 15 minutes. I could have gone longer if you asked my body but my brain isn’t back into the swing of things yet. After walking back to the parking lot I let Freckles run in the dog park while I stretched. I was sitting there watching her run and cussing all her energy when I just had to start to laugh. When I started running this summer it would never have occurred to me that I’d be berating myself for “only” running 15 minutes. I remember being panic-stricken with the impossibility of the feat the first time I saw “run 15 minutes” on my training schedule. Now it is a sign that I was being a wimp. I guess that’s progress.