My cats are no longer speaking to me.

Powder is especially not speaking to me. It is hard to speak to someone when you are using all your concentration to shoot laser-guided, heat seeking missiles of death from your eyes at your formerly loved human. She will however cuddle with the SO because even though HE begged for this dog and HE loves this dog lots and lots, HE is forgiven. I am not.

I did lose Powder for 36 hours. I couldn’t find her anywhere. After looking everywhere I could think of the SO found her in the basement sitting on top of the duct work. She had Riley with her in a show of cat solidarity. That freaked us out a bit. Before this sit-in the last time they agreed on anything was in October 2008 when they decided that because being put in a cage together and being driven 15 minutes to a new house was so scary that it would be acceptable to cuddle with each other as long as it was never spoken of again.

(At this point of typing Riley actually showed up in the room. The same room as the dog. He wanted a cuddle. He still loves me some.)

Riley has been braver. He sleeps on some other beds and I go in and and hug him. Since he’s a 12 year old boy at heart his reaction is, “Ew! Mom! Quit it!!!”

Freckles is doing well except for her urge to chase kitties and the fact that she hates to go in a cage at work. She barks and howls until she gets let out. That can be hours. Yesterday she had moments of a few minutes at a time when she would be quiet. I’m calling that progress but maybe I’m just being hopeful.

I took her running the other day. I’ve been a running slacker lately. I decided to take her for just brief run. You know, intervals, for the dog, not because I’m out of shape, for the dog. It would have been nice if she had noticed when we went from a walk to a run. Learning not to cross in front of me and stop so that I trip over the leash would be helpful but she got better as we ran. I would have really appreciated it if she had panted or something to show that she was making an effort. I was gasping for air and she was blithely walking around like we hadn’t done anything. Then she went and played at the dog park. Demoralizing I tell you.