I did my good deed for the day. There is a pasture full of little goats near here. I always look at them when I drive past because they are funny. They are always jumping, head-butting, and playing king of the mountain on a pile of rocks. I drove past today and one goat had his head through the fence and was grazing on the other side. I didn’t think much of it until he tried to stand up. Then I realized he was stuck. I went down the road and turned around and drove up slowly to make sure he was really stuck. Several of the other goats would come over and basically point and laugh at him and then go on playing. So I drove to the house and told a kid in the yard that one of his goats was stuck. He didn’t seem very excited. He muttered, “Again?” but he wandered over to get him loose. When I came back no one was stuck in the fence so maybe he learned his lesson.