Ever since I read Quiet I’ve noticed introversion vs extroversion more.   My father’s family is definitely a family of introverts.

There were 12 of us on this Hawaiian vacation.  My mom and dad, me and the husband, my brother, SIL, and their 2 kids, an uncle and his partner, and a cousin and her husband.  All of us who were born into this family (with the possible exception of my cousin who has always been considered a bit on the wild side) are serious introverts.  We all also partnered up with people much more extroverted than ourselves.  Someone has to talk, I guess.

The extroverts laugh at us.  My brother and SIL were going with the husband and me to the volcano one day.  We met outside and started to walk to the car.  About 50 feet down the corridor my brother looked over at me and said dryly, “Morning.”  I gave him a head nod of acknowledgment.

My SIL cracked up.  “Nice to see you guys got the pleasantries out of the way.”

I said that we had covered everything we needed to say until sometime that afternoon.

My brother sat up front with me in the car because he is a tall person.  The husband and the SIL sat in the back and talked away.  My brother and I were silent unless you count the sarcastic asides muttered about the people in the back in tones that they couldn’t hear.  We crack ourselves up with a few well chosen words.

My oldest niece is 3.  I had never heard her speak until this vacation.  I only heard her say a few words in the week I was with her.  The one year old has so far seen no reason to talk unless pressed on the issue.  He can say things but why bother?  I totally agree.

Do your families have strong tendencies like this or are we just weird?