I’m starting to realize how much I do outside now that I can’t easily go there. I’m not quite sure what I usually do with myself when I’m home because I’m getting stir crazy.

The husband did get home yesterday afternoon and I sent him out to get me crutches. Now I’m alternating between the crutches and the wheelchair depending on whether or not I need to be carrying something wherever I’m going. The husband still seems perplexed about why I felt the need to contact him when this all happened. Several times yesterday he asked me why I called him. He also made some comment about his head programmer saying that he needed to come home and see me. So obviously he was considering going to work instead of coming home until a man who is not so @#$% clueless told him that that wasn’t a good idea. This is coming from the man who didn’t want me to go home and change my clothes when he was in the hospital.

His idea of caring for me is buying me food. That’s not just any food either. (And I guess we are just forgetting all about Eat Local until I’m shopping again.) He is buying things I like but won’t buy because they are fattening. If I don’t get better soon I’m going to gain 100 pounds from the idleness and the food.

I did go to the barn with him to feed the horses this morning. Spirit started insisting that I let him outside but it is storming today. I threatened to hit him with my crutches if he pushed on me so he backed off. Prize chewed on the crutches.

I’ve had plenty of time to watch all the episodes every day of the scrapbooking show on DIY. I really want to sew but I think that’s only because my sewing room is downstairs and I can’t go there. That’s my contrary nature coming out. Tell me I can’t do something and I only want to do it.

I am getting out of the house tomorrow. Earlier in the week I was asked if I could give a 4-H presentation that I had done in previous years because this year’s presenters couldn’t make it to this session. I said no because I was going to a horse show. Yesterday I emailed back and said that my plans had changed and I could do it but I wasn’t sure I was the best speaker on the subject at this time.

The topic – horse safety.