Last night at work one of the receptionists took her dog out to go to the bathroom. She came back in with a cardboard cat carrier. It had been left behind the back tires of the other vet’s SUV. She was parked with the front of the vehicle facing the building. When she was going to leave she would just get in and back out. She would have never seen the carrier and would have run it over if it hadn’t been found by accident beforehand.

I took the carrier into a closed room in case the occupant was wild. I opened it up and the sweetest cat came out. He is about 3 years old. He’s a black male. He was cold and scared and just cuddled up to me while I gave him a cursory once-over. He seemed to be in good health so we just warmed him up and gave him some food. I have no idea why anyone would dump this cat at all, let alone in such a way that very well may have resulted in him getting accidently killed.

What is wrong with people? Anyone need a cat?

4 Replies to “Irresponsible”

  1. Kati,

    I think that we are definately holding out for a better offer than a husband in exchange for a cat. We all already have husbands and so we know that it is not a good deal! LOL

  2. That’s really sad. 🙁 I’m so glad he was found before that person left. Some people can be so cruel. I think it comes from people viewing animals as objects. 🙁

  3. Oooooh, what kind of horrid person would do that?!?!?!? Oooh, reading your little story here about him….. I want him???? Can I trade my hubby for your sweet little black kitty-boy????? I love black boy kitties, they tend to be the best natured cats in the world. Dang….. If it wasn’t for the distance & the fact that the hubby is allergic (damn vows… Better/worse, richer/poorer…. Freaking vows!)…… Oh, I’d adopt him in a heart-beat!

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