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Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

This is the finale of the Women of the Otherworld series. There is a war brewing between the forces of Heaven and Hell and the supernaturals on Earth are caught in the middle. Some are trying to reveal their existence to humans while others will do anything to keep it quiet.

I listened to the audio because I didn’t want this series to end.  I’ve loved it from the beginning.  I liked the books that were self contained stories more than the last few that had one story that was building up to this book.  I might have liked that better if I was reading them one after the other though instead of as they came out.

The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

Ciro and Enzo grew up on the same mountain in Italy. They both emigrated to America in the early 1900s. Over the years they meet briefly and lose either other. Ciro is a shoemaker and Enzo is a seamstress. Eventually their lives intertwine in this historical family epic.

I liked this book but it wasn’t my favorite of the author’s stories.  It was based on the lives of some of her ancestors but it seemed pretty unbelievable at times.  There were a few too many coincidences like running into someone just in the nick of time.

Social Lives by Wendy Walker

Wilshire is a town where your social standing is everything. Rosalyn Barlow is the queen of the social hierarchy but she needs to do some damage control since her teenage daughter is out of control and her husband is having an affair. Newcomer Sara is trying to fit in. Jacks’ husband is trying to hide his business failures from her and she needs to try to decide what to do to keep her lifestyle. Nothing is quite what it seems in Whilshire.

I was in the mood for light and fluffy. This fit the bill. It was a typical novel of the rich and socially obsessed but it threw in a few twists that kept it interesting.

The Botox Diaries by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger

Single mom Jessica is trying to make it past forty with mascara and moisturizer in a world where enhancements are the norm. Her friend Lucy has the perfect husband but is starting an affair. Her daughter is determined to find her a husband and her French ex-husband is back in town.

This was part 2 of the light and fluffy plan. This book was funnier than the previous one. There were so many subplots in this book that it felt like several different stories but I enjoyed it.