Our strength workout started with 7 sets of 2 deadlifts. I lifted 155 lbs which was new record for me. I didn’t even know it. My partner told me that I couldn’t add and what I thought was 135 was actually 155. Then we did floor presses which is like a bench press. I did 53. I didn’t try heavier since my partner kept getting distracted and wouldn’t be able to spot me if I couldn’t lift it. Then we did max rep pushups. We had to maintain constant motion for it to count. I won with 27. I was doing them on my knees though so it doesn’t really count.

The workout was 50 reps then 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 of:

  • Jump touches – They measured 12 inches above our fingertips when our arm was stretched above our heads. (No cheating by stepping a bit away from the wall to be measured. Don’t ask how I know that.) Then we had to jump up and touch that spot. Yep, I got no vertical jump. I would jump and vaguely wave my hand in the general direction of the mark. I believe in confusing the issue by adding too much motion. Actually, I was jumping higher by the end of the workout.
  • Toes to bar – Hang from a bar and bring your toes to the bar. Or knees to chest. Or, by the end, get your feet off the floor.
  • So you do 50 of the jumps and then 50 toes to bars and then 40 of each etc. My hands hurt but at least I don’t have the grip strength to tear the skin. I fall off the bar before I do that. Other people don’t.


    We had to run a 400 m for a warm up. We don’t usually do that. Guess what? I’m a whole lot better runner at 10:30 AM than at 6:15 AM. I guess being fully conscious does help.

    I chose a workout with rest periods in it. I know, I know, you only get to rest at CrossFit if they think you might die otherwise so never pick that workout. We had to work for 90 seconds and then rest for 90 seconds. We did 4 rounds. During the work time we had to row 250 m and then get off the rower and do push presses for the remaining time. I did 21 push presses all together.

    There was a woman there that I had never seen before. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was wearing a No Meat Athlete t-shirt. She was one of my people! I talked to her and she’s a vegan. I told her I was surprised they let her live since it is such a meat-crazed place. She agreed. She even has VEGAN on her car. She’s brave.


    One of our strengths today was to hang from a bar with out legs out to form an L and see how long we could hold it. I made it all the way to 16 seconds. Grip fail long before ab fail of course.

    The workout was as many rounds as possible in 9 minutes of:

  • 5 wall balls – squat and pick up medicine ball, stand and throw it high against the wall
  • 3 handstand push ups or 10 pike pushups
  • 1 power clean – take the bar from the floor to your shoulders – 1 did 65 lbs
  • I did 7 full rounds plus 5 more wall balls in 9 minutes.