A Perfect Blood (The Hollows) by Kim Harrison

Murdered witches are being found in Cincinnati. Before they die they have been turned into half human – half animal hybrids. Witch turned demon Rachel Morgan realizes that someone is trying to create demons and that they will need her blood in order to be successful.

I like this series. It takes place in an alternate history where humans were almost all killed in the 1960s so vampires, witches, pixies, werewolves, and all other magical creatures came out of hiding when they were no longer outnumbered. This is a series that needs to be read in order or you will be lost.

Rashi’s Daughters, Book III: Rachel: A Novel of Love and the Talmud in Medieval France by Maggie Anton

Rachel is 11th century French Jewish scholar Rashi’s favorite. She is known for her business sense. She decides to start a clothing manufacturing business so she and her husband no longer need to travel. The world is getting more dangerous for Jews now that the Pope is calling for Crusades.

I enjoyed the history of this book. The stories of the cleansings of German towns by the Crusaders were heartbreaking. She also talks about the rise of Jewish scholarship in Spain. I didn’t like Rachel as much as her other sisters in the series. She made some very poor decisions in her marriage and was a spoiled youngest child who hated to take responsibility in her family.

A Good Indian Wife by Anne Cherian

Neel is a doctor in San Francisco. He is called home to India to see his dying grandfather. He doesn’t know that it is a ploy to get him married. Now he has a wife he doesn’t know living with him and a girlfriend in California.

I liked the Indian wife Leila in this story. She realizes that she is stuck in a bad situation in a foreign country and makes the best of it. I had no sympathy for Neel at all. He never stood up for what he wanted and caused a lot of destruction in the lives of many people by not telling the truth.


I have a question. Does anyone know of a website where you can put in the name of an author and it will email you when they have a new release? I know a lot of websites where you can get the info but I’m looking for one that will send reminders. Does that exist?