Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss, and the End of AIDS by Elton John

In the 1980s when AIDS started to kill his friends, Elton John was deep into a cocaine and alcohol addiction. Eventually the loss of a friend caused him to sober up and regret that he didn’t do more to help. He started an AIDS foundation to raise money to help organizations fighting AIDS.

I listened to this on audio read by Elton John. It was interesting. I’d heard of his organization but I didn’t realize what it did or how large it was.

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

There has been 40 years of peace between the humans and the dragons in Goredd but no one thinks the peace will hold long. Neither side trusts the other. Seraphina, the new assistant to the royal composer, has experience with both worlds. When a Prince is murdered in a suspiciously dragon-like manner can she persuade both sides to look beyond the obvious to the truth underneath?

I liked this book. It introduced a new type of dragon. They are very mathematical and emotionless. They are able to transform into human shapes to blend into human society. This is the first book of a series and I’m looking forward to reading what comes next. There are many unanswered questions but there was closure to the main plot line of this book.