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Paper BoatsPaper Boats by Dee Lestari




Page (The Highland Brides #1)Page by Tanya Anne Crosby




DNF this week

I liked the main character and her story. However, she ends up living with her American cousins and I couldn’t handle them. I get irrationally angry at stories about teenagers where all they do is drink and engage in self-destructive behavior. Automatic DNF.  I wanted to know what happened to Fabiola and her mom.  The narrator was doing an exceptional job with the accents of all the characters.  I just couldn’t get past the stupid teenagers.

Let me sum up.  She sees this guy and immediately wants to sleep with him.  She thinks, “He’s so hot!” over and over.  Then they sleep together.  There wasn’t any emotional growth here and that bores me.  DNF.

Where has my book been this week?

Relaxing afternoon with the manatees swimming around the boat

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Beach reading #beach #sandkey #bookstagram #thewitchsmarket

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The first was in King’s Bay at Crystal River Florida. Some manatees were swimming around our boat. The second was at Sand Key park in Clearwater FL. That is on the Gulf of Mexico.

What Am I Listening To?

One Hundred NamesOne Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern