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 Strange Contagion: The Suicide Cluster That Took Palo Alto's Children and What It Tells Us About OurselvesStrange Contagion: The Suicide Cluster That Took Palo Alto’s Children and What It Tells Us About Ourselves by Lee Daniel Kravetz

 This promises to be a cheery read.




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Mini Reviews

Not Your Sidekick

I really wanted to love this one. Everyone loves this one. An Asian-American girl from a family of superheroes dealing with not having powers and having a crush on a girl from school. But there was no completed story in this book. It is the first of a planned trilogy but if you are going to do that, please have a full story in each book within a larger story that unites the three. In this book nothing is resolved. There were a lot of tired superhero tropes too. The most annoying was not realizing that you are talking to a person you know because they are wearing a costume. It could have been funny if it wasn’t drug out so long.

I did like Bell’s story. He is a friend of the MC who is trans. I can’t say a whole lot more because of spoilers.  So:

  1. Yay for good characters
  2. Boo to not having much of a story

What Am I Reading?


This about an Afghani woman who is in jail for the murder of her husband and the Afghani-American lawyer who is working on her case.  I like it so far.  It is even better because I can drop “I’m reading a book about a woman who murdered her husband” into conversation with the husband.  Always fun.

What Am I Listening To?

I do love Trae Crowder’s videos even if the last one I saw had him comparing Trump supporters to Tennessee Volunteers football fans.  (I might be typing this while wearing a Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt.)

Have you signed up for Armchair BookExpo yet?  It starts on May 31.  The schedule is up for discussion posts.  I’m going to be helping out with the Twitter chats and other social media.  Hope to see everyone there!


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