I am officially unemployed as of last week.   You know what is wild about that?  I actually had to sit down and make a to-do list because I had so many things I need to get done.  I didn’t have a to-do list when I was working.  I keep saying I’m going to lie in my hammock and read books, but aside from the last 2 chapters of Allegedly that hasn’t happened yet.  Mostly I’ve been ordering books from the library for all this reading time instead of actually reading.

I did change my library pickup location to a library closer to my house instead of the one on the way to my job.  That felt more final than packing up my stuff.

New In This Week



Finished This Week

What Am I Reading?


 How to Survive a Plague is a huge book.  I’m making my way slowly through it.  It is fascinating.  I love reading about the early years of the AIDS epidemic.  I’ve read a lot on the subject but this is not just repeating what I’ve already heard.

The Turner Series is to balance it out.  American War is very good so far but a sad read.  I decided to read it now for #RamadanReadathon.

What Am I Listening To?