I love reading chick lit/light romance.  It is my happy place when I need a book to just take my mind off everything.  I like most all sub-genres of it.  I like magical books.

Of course I like foodie books about people going to work in cafes or bakeries.

The problem with these books is that they are usually all written by white authors and set in either the U.S. or Britain.  When I binge on them I skew my reading statistics.  Happily I found a whole bunch of these types of books written by South Asian authors – including the wonderful Sofia Khan is Not Obliged.

I’m looking for more happy, light books set in South America or Asia or Africa.  Give me recommendations for these types of books written by black authors in the U.S. or Europe.

I’ve found a few suggestions so far that I haven’t read yet.

Romance Class is a group of Filipino romance writers.  They have a list of all kinds of books on their website.  I bought two to try.  There are some other ones that look good on that site too.  Check it out.