Finished This Week

I didn’t like Blue is the Warmest Color.  It would skip huge chunks of time in the story and I had a bunch of questions about those times.  Everything else was good. 

What Am I Reading?

The Reading Quest is helping me tackle a bunch of books I’ve owned for a while but haven’t read.  These are going to be A Book with a Red Cover and Book with Less than 500 Ratings on Goodreads.

New Books for Me This Week

This was a gift from my Secret Sister.

“Growing up in an orphanage prepared Amelia Cooke for the high-stakes role of a female lobbyist surrounded by the egos of the 1887 Congress, a time before women had the right to vote. Her success in the isolating male arena comes from using the tactics she’s learned from those who oppressed her. So when she’s hired by the National Women’s Suffrage Association to help pass a proposed constitutional amendment granting women’s voting rights, Amelia feels empowered to at last win a place for herself and give all women a voice in the world. What she doesn’t foresee is the charismatic and calculating Senator Edward Stillman who threatens to ruin her hard-earned reputation and end her career.

This was my Kindle First selection this month.

“In 1944, newly married Copper Reilly arrives in Paris soon after the liberation. While the city celebrates its freedom, she’s stuck in the prison of an unhappy marriage. When her husband commits one betrayal too many, Copper demands a separation.

Alone in Paris, she finds an unlikely new friend: an obscure, middle-aged designer from the back rooms of a decaying fashion house whose timid nature and reluctance for fame clash with the bold brilliance of his designs. His name is Christian Dior.”

This is free on Amazon right now.  I found it through Book Bub.

“Eva Hanover – a brilliant career, a gorgeous brownstone in Brooklyn, and a sexy husband. Or, at least, she thinks so. In a wink of an eye, Eva’s husband leaves her. She loses the brownstone and her career. With only the clothes on her back, she flees cold New York for the sunnier climate of Key Largo.



What Am I Listening To?


I have a little less than 2 hours left in this one.