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I have a new rule.  I’m only reading historical romances that have been recommended on Twitter.  This week I tried two that I picked out on my own.  I think they were from Book Bub.  I had to rapidly DNF both.  There are SO MANY historical romance books and authors that it feels like just randomly reaching into a hat and trying to draw out a good one.

I’m doing a thread on Twitter of all the books I DNF this year and why.  Here the explanations for each.


So then I started picking books from romance recommendation threads.

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress is from that thread.  I did love Khan just like she said I would.

Check out these lists if you are looking for well done romances.  Also look at WOCinRomance too.

What Am I Reading?

 I read a Tessa Dare book which everyone always recommends and now I’m going to have to read everything she’s ever written.

What Am I Listening To? 

I’m so excited about this one.  I loved her series about The Others.  This is set in the same world but in a different place.  It is assumed that you have a working knowledge of world.  It doesn’t have a prologue explaining things as clearly as each of The Others books do. 

I loved Meg and Simon’s story so much (Grumpy Ponies!) that I worried a bit about leaving that behind but I fell right into this story.  I’m loving it so far.

10 Replies to “It’s Monday! What are you reading?”

  1. I loved Lake Silence too. I’ve read it three times (so far). I really like it when I find a new author and have to read everything they’ve written. Good luck with Tessa Dare. She’s got a bunch to find and read. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. I really should reread the whole Wrinkle in Time series. I haven’t read those books in years.

  3. I found A Wrinkle in Time as an adult and enjoyed it enough to read everything else Madeleine L’Engle wrote including her nonfiction for adults. I hope you enjoy the movie. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  4. Kind of relieved to hear someone else say that about A Wrinkle in Time. I’ve read it twice, feeling like I would definitely like it, and didn’t like it either time. It just does nothing for me. And this perplexes me but there you have it.

  5. I’ve been struggling to find that book that I can really get into.

    I read A Wrinkle in Time decades ago for a teaching reading with children’s lit course. I don’t remember a thing about it! I should reread it.

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