Finished This Week



Yeah, I did that.  Everyone loves this book!  Why did I quit?

It was well written.  It was imaginative.  But I got halfway through and realized that I just didn’t care to find out what was going to happen.  That’s an issue with a lot of YA fantasy I read.  I end up not caring at all about the resolution. 

For this book at least, I feel confident saying that wasn’t the book, it was me. 

What Am I Reading?

I have so many books out from the library right now.  I’m ignoring most of them.  I’m drawn mostly towards comfort reads right now and what I have from the library is most definitely not that.

I want to read all these books.  When it is reading time I look at them, shrug, and download another romance book. 

What Am I Listening To? 


Seriously, no audiobook.  I downloaded a few but nothing is sticking right now.  What is sticking is the West Wing Weekly podcast.  Sometimes I feel bad listening to podcasts in the car because I feel like it is wasting audiobook time.  But, I’m shoving that to the side and comfort listening to this and rewatching The West Wing.

It is fun to watch even a pretend President say smart things.

2 Replies to “It’s Monday! What are you reading?”

  1. I’ve been having that issue with audiobooks the last couple months. Not sure why but hoping it’ll pass. Bummer on the DNF but when you just don’t care about the outcome it’s definitely time to call it quits. Hope you have a good reading week!

  2. I have been having issues with YA fantasy lately too. I think I might be a bit burned out and am taking a break from that genre for a while. My comfort reads tend to be adult urban fantasy or science fiction but I do enjoy a nice romance on occasion too. Come see my week here. Have a great week!

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