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Mort by Terry Pratchett – When Death decides to take an apprentice since the work is getting to him after all these years, Mort is chosen. On his first solo mission he kills an assassin instead of the princess he was sent to get. This is against History and History will fight back.

Me by Ricky Martin – I’ve been a Ricky Martin fan since 1992. I stayed in Costa Rica for a month then and in Bolivia for a month in 1996 and both times Ricky Martin formed the soundtrack of the trips. I think my whole purpose in Costa Rica was to watch the 3:00 PM music video show and yell “Ricky!” whenever one of his videos came on so every female from 15 – 75 could come running. This is his autobiography. It talks about the challenges of early fame. He was doing commercials at 9 and was part of a worldwide pop sensation at 12. After being a huge star in most of the world for a decade, he became an “overnight sensation” in the U.S. Now he records some in Spanish but devotes most of his time to running a charitable foundation working on behalf of children who are victims of human trafficking. He also talks about being a single father and his journey to accepting and finally publicly acknowledging his sexuality.

Finders Keepers: A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession by Craig Childs – If you are walking along in the desert and you find a pre-Columbian pot or some beads do you keep them? Why or why not? If you think that is wrong, why would it be ok for archeologists to take them? Those are the questions of this book. He interviews pot hunters, private collectors, antiquities dealers, and archeologists to look at the ethical questions involved in archeology today. He meets one man who found an ancient pot and spray painted it gold because his wife thought it was ugly. Now it is used as a vase on their kitchen table. Would it be better for that pot to be locked away in a museum where no one would ever see it or to be being used for what it was designed for? This book talks mostly about archeology in the Four Corner areas of the Southwestern U.S. It has always been sparsely populated. It would have been interesting to hear more about Europe where this is an even bigger issue because of population density for thousands of years.

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