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One of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde-  This is the latest Thursday Next novel. I love this series but this book was a disappointment. It is too hard to explain since there isn’t a really cohesive plot. There are a lot of sly puns and literary allusions that are really funny but they seem to be the point instead of existing to enhance the story.  This seems like a semi-reboot of the series because a lot of the conventions of the books have been changed.  There is no more book jumping, the landscape of book world is totally different, etc.


Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci-  This is the next installment of his Camel Club series. It isn’t necessary to have read the previous ones. I’ve read them all but I don’t remember all the details and I followed this book fine. Hell’s Corner refers to Lafayette Park across from the White House. Several different law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction over different aspects of the park. When a crime is committed there it becomes a nightmare of competing agencies.

This is a thriller about gunfire and a bomb exploding in the park. There doesn’t seem to be a clear motive. No one important was in the park.  Who was the target and why?

Haunted by Kelley Armstrong-  This is part of the Women of the Underworld series. This book is about Eve, a half-demon black witch who died three years ago. She has not been doing well in her afterlife. She follows her teenage daughter around to see how her life is going instead of dealing with her issues. The Fates offer her an assignment to hunt down the Nix, a demon that possesses female murderers in order to feed off the chaos they cause.

This isn’t my favorite in the series. I like the idea of how the afterlife is set up for supernaturals but Eve has too many character flaws that are annoying to me to make her someone that I want to root for.

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