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I had a pretty light reading week. I spent most of my free time doing other things like working on scrapbook pages or studying my acupuncture lectures.

The River Knows by Amanda Quick – I’ve never read any of her books before and there are a lot of them. My library has a page in the front of each book where readers can rate the book. This had more ratings than I’ve ever seen and they were all A+. I had to read it after that.

I didn’t think it was that good. I’d say more like a C. I liked the premise. In the England of balls and Polite Society, a woman who runs a bookstore murders a Lord. Inspired by the recent news stories of two women who have committed suicide by jumping into the river, she fakes her own death. One year later she is working under an assumed name as a journalist and a paid companion. She is investigating the investors of a brothel when she meets up with the former fiance of one of the women who killed herself. He is investigating the same man because he believes that his fiance was murdered by him.

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich – I was given this book a few years ago. I decided to read it mainly because of the Where are you reading challenge. The book is about the lives of a few families on a Chippewa reservation in North Dakota. Each chapter is a snapshot of a character’s life. The years vary from the 1940s to the present. I found this book very confusing. I couldn’t keep the people straight at all. It didn’t help to be jumping around in time and viewpoint so that a young person in one story is “Grandpa” in the next. I really needed some family trees drawn out to keep everyone straight.

Where are you reading? England, North Dakota