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I had a slow reading week. But both of the books I finished were good.

Then Came Youby Jennifer Weiner

This is the story of four women who are involved in a pregnancy.  India, the new bride of a wealthy man, is unable to maintain a pregnancy so opts for surrogacy.  Jules, a Princeton senior, is the egg donor.  Annie, a stay at home mom, is the surrogate.  Bettina is convinced that her father’s new wife is hiding something.

I liked this book.  It goes into the reasons and consequences of donating eggs and being a surrogate.  There is a twist in the middle that brings everyone together and they form a family for the child.

The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai

Lucy is a new children’s librarian.  Ian is a boy who loves to read but whose mother severely restricts his book choices.  Lucy becomes convinced that Ian is being abused.  When Ian runs away and spends the night at the library Lucy finds him and they head off on an ill considered cross country road trip with help from the Russian Mafia.

This was a great book for book lovers.  Lucy sees everything in terms of books and book plots and doesn’t interact well with the real world.  She is just reacting to what happens.  She doesn’t have a plan for this trip or her life or how to get Ian home while avoiding prison. Ian is manipulating her into not taking him home which she know that the police will never believe.

Where I am reading? new places – Missouri

To finish up my 50 states for the Where Am I Reading challenge this year I still need Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, Delaware, and West Virginia.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good books that take place in those states?