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Some Girls: My Life in a Harem by Jillian Lauren

In the mid 1990s, the author was an 18 year old aspiring actress in New York. She worked as a stripper and an escort. She was then hired to work as a party girl for one of the brothers of the Sultan of Brunei. Every night the Prince had an all night party with a large group of women. The author eventually became a favorite and was taken on trips and received lavish gifts but what was the cost?

This was an interesting book. It was read by the author. It covers her life in Brunei and New York. I found it strange that these women actually found themselves competing for the Prince’s affections and falling in love with him even though they knew he was cruel and hateful.

She Makes It Look Easy: A Novel by MaryBeth Whalen

When Ariel moves to a new neighborhood she is awed by her next door neighbor Justine. Justine seems to have it all together and Ariel wants to be just like her until she finds out that Justine’s life isn’t all that it seems.

This turned out to be a Christian novel which was strange because it is pretty dark. Or, maybe I’m just paranoid about reading books about new neighbors when I just moved to a new place.

Flirting With Death (Assassins Anonymous – Step One) by Heidi Hall

Kayla had been an assassin with the CIA for 10 years when she woke up in the hospital. She was told that she had been shot in the chest. She doesn’t remember what happened and no one will tell her anything other than the fact that she is out of a job. Suddenly, she is trying to navigate the civilian world where it is considered wrong to kill people who annoy you while trying to piece together what happened to her.

This was a free ebook on Amazon. It is the start of a series. It was a cute light mystery.

Lydia by Tim Sandlin

“Managing the Virgin Birth Home for Unwed Mothers means the women in Sam Callahan’s life keep his world interesting. But it’s his family members that really take the cake. His daughter may be having a nervous breakdown, and his mother’s just out of prison for attempting to poison the president’s dog. And when they hit the road with a geriatric, an adoptive son trying to discover his parentage, and an enraged psychopath on their tails, all hell may break loose.”