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Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future by Greg Melville

The author and his friend Iggy decide to drive cross country in a beat up Mercedes that runs on recycled vegetable oil with some sustainable energy side trips thrown in.

I liked this book.  It is an easy intro to alternative fuels.  The one thing that I want to know though is did they drive back?  What happened to the car after they got to California?

Little Black Dress by Susan McBride

Two sisters’ lives are shattered when a magical black dress gives one a glimpse into her future. Years later the daughter of one of them tries to piece together the story.

I’ve been reading a lot of books with magical clothes lately. Is this a new genre? This isn’t my favorite book in this category.

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah (audio)

Julia Cates is a child psychologist whose practice has been ruined by a scandal. Her sister, Ellie, is the chief of police in a small Washington town. When a feral child shows up in town Ellie calls her sister to help the girl open up about who she is.

I really liked this book. It had good insights into the way the media depicts people involved in news stories regardless of guilt or innocence. There were some good plot twists. I would have liked this better if the ending was a bit different. It went for the good fiction ending instead of the realistic one.

The Innocent by David Baldacci

Will Robie is an assassin. He is assigned a job in Washington D.C. but doesn’t do it because it feels off. He finds himself on the run in the aftermath of this decision. Julie Getty is a 14 year old girl who just saw her parents murdered. She is on the run too and is rescued by Robie. They team up to find out who is chasing them.

I enjoyed this book. I wasn’t able to figure out exactly what was going on until the end. However, there are some coincidences that are never fully explained.