I woke up in the middle of the night last night and was quite frustrated with the SO but I didn’t know why. I remember thinking that it was bad that he wasn’t sharing. I just couldn’t lay there with him sleeping and not knowing that I was exasperated with him. I got up and went to get a drink.

While I was drinking my water I woke up enough to realize that I wasn’t really mad at him. My feelings were coming from whatever dream I had been having before I woke up. I was still having the feelings of annoyance though so I went to lay down on the couch. There were throw pillows in the way so I needed to grab them and toss them on the floor. The first pillow I grabbed fought back.

It was dark and I wasn’t totally awake yet. Those are the only excuses I have for mistaking Riley for a pillow and grabbing him by the head and trying to throw him off the couch.

I’ve apologized profusely to him today.