Wow, I just realized that title sounds like I’m pregnant which I most certainly am not – thank you modern medicine.

One of the SO’s nieces proposed coming up to stay with us for a month this summer.  She wanted to babysit Z for that time as a summer job.  They live many states away so they have only met a few times.  The SO’s sister thought it would be good for Z to get to know her cousin.  She is also trying to sell her house and move so having a 16 year old girl out from underfoot would be helpful. 

I questioned if she understood the depths of behavior problems Z has.  She has babysit bad kids before, he said.  So we proposed this to Z’s mother. 

She flat out refused.  It was not going to happen.

But now the babysitter she had for the summer is having surgery in July.  Suddenly, this is a wonderful solution!  So starting in July we are having two kids for a month. 

My goal is to get Z using eating utensils correctly if it kills us all.