I was reading blogs this morning and got all annoyed by yet another one having a giveaway. Step one of the giveaway was “Be a follower of this site.” I don’t want to join Google Friend Connect. If I’m reading your blog on my RSS reader that’s good enough for me. I was starting out on a full fledged rant. I like Google but sometimes you just have to Fight The Power.

Besides, I totally don’t get the point of the application. What does it do for you if you become a follower of a site that a RSS reader like Bloglines doesn’t? I can’t find an answer to that by doing a search. I get all kinds of info about how it supposedly helps the blog owner but nothing about what it does for the follower. Does anyone use it? What does it do?

One side effect of doing that research was that I got sucked in. I put a link to it on the sidebar. Google took over my brain. They are sneaky that way.

Off now to Fight The Power…somewhere else.

I couldn’t stand it. I had to delete it. I’m not sure why but it seemed to be radiating bad vibes. Am I totally crazy?